We stand for a sound mind in a sound body, therefore we pay attention to our sports activities and try to support others as well. The Tisza Squash SE Badminton section was founded in 2009, named as Goodwill Pharma Badminton SE. Beyond financial support Goodwill Pharma provides them the finest food supplements from its own range.


At Goodwill Pharma, we believe that young people are our future. We are lucky to be the same city with the world famous university, University of Szeged. Goodwill Pharma is woking in relation with and supporting the Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Faculty of Pharmacy to research and development. Our company has paid 1 % of the 2014 annual turnover of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Vitamin C to the support of the most outstanding talented students of the University of Szeged


The company owner, Ferenc Jójárt MD. is a member of the Szent-Gyorgyi Albert Rotary Club and the future elected president for 2016-17. Goodwill Pharma has been sending donations to the needy ones through the Szent-Gyorgyi Albert Rotary Club for years.

  • Donations of medicines provided to the University of Szeged, Department of Cardiology, Hospital
  • Support of the Szeged Newborn Life Ambulance Service Foundation
  • Promoting large families with several children in Hungary
  • Greater amount of Vitamin C donation for the Transcarpathian Hungarian Large Families Association (KMNE).
  • In the Advent period, 5000 pieces of 1000mg Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Vitamin C was donated as a charitable gift to the homeless, as it is a very important issue to stay healthy during the winter months in the homeless life also.